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What common mistakes should you avoid after a DUI charge?

If you got arrested for drinking and driving recently, you may worry about what your future holds and the penalties you face. You may also have concerns about how the penalties for a DUI will affect your finances, reputation and employment.

According to New York State, you could face penalties for DUI if you drive with a blood alcohol content level at or above 0.08%. To minimize these penalties and help you move forward, there are several mistakes you should avoid following your arrest.

Talking about your DUI on social media

It may feel normal to share things that are happening in your life on social media, but your DUI should not be one of them. Depending on what you post, anything that shows up on social media about your DUI could undermine your defense when you go to court.

Failing to show up for hearings and court dates

Whatever you do, make showing up for any hearings and court dates for your DUI a priority. If you cannot attend a court date, let the proper authority know as soon as possible.

Believing you do not have a defense

After getting stopped by the police for drinking and driving, you may believe that you do not have a defense. But there may still be an opportunity to create a defense and potentially minimize the charges against you.

After you get arrested for DUI, spend time understanding the consequences of a potential conviction. This can help you feel more prepared and confident as you move forward with the rest of the legal process.