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Can you keep your CDL after a DUI?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | DUI/DWI

Operating a commercial vehicle in New York requires you to uphold superior driving standards. Violating the law could jeopardize your CDL eligibility and ultimately cost you a job.

When you understand how a DUI could impact your CDL, you might have a clearer idea of your next steps.

Your job

Most commercial vehicles transport people or cargo. Many of them exceed the size and weight of a standard vehicle. These factors make it critical that you drive vigilantly and responsibly at all times. According to the New York State, Department of Motor Vehicles, commercial vehicles include dump trucks, tractor trailers, stretch limos and buses among others.

Immediately after a DUI charge, you cannot operate a commercial vehicle. Make sure you understand the restrictions against you. This way you can avoid violating any restrictions which could result in more serious legal repercussions.

Your future

Even if your DUI happens while in your personal vehicle, it could still impact your CDL. If you meet stringent requirements for rectifying your licensing situation, you might have the chance to get your CDL back. Monetary fines and additional testing requirements might accompany this process. Any additional DUIs could result in immediate and permanent removal of privileges to operate a commercial vehicle.

While you wait for things to progress, you might consider negotiating a deal with your employer. Maybe they could find you a temporary position so you can stay employed with them. Perhaps they can shift your responsibilities to something other than driving for the time being.

Working closely with your legal team, you can assess your situation and determine how to respond. If you cannot resume your job driving, you might explore other resources to help you identify transferrable skills and find a job in a different line of work.