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Compelling reasons to keep details about your case confidential

Facing criminal charges may leave you feeling frustrated and defensive. When people inquire about your circumstances, you may feel driven to defend yourself or clarify what really happened. However, talking about your situation may jeopardize your case and its outcome.

When you understand the reasons why you should not talk about your case, it may give you incentive to patiently await your sentencing.


Even though you may see nothing wrong with telling people what ultimately led to your criminal allegations, saying anything at all may only further incriminate you. According to, criminal conduct can impact a number of areas in your life including the following:

  • Appointments to public offices
  • Eligibility for financial student aid for educational endeavors
  • Marketability for employment opportunities
  • Approval for U.S. citizenship
  • Rights to participate in voting

Given the seriousness of potential outcomes, you do not want to interfere with your case. Maintaining confidentiality and keeping the details of your case private can help you retain some control. With the assistance of a trusted legal professional, you may successfully mitigate the repercussions of your actions.

Strained relationships

If word gets out that you have shared information with acquaintances, those people may receive a summons to testify in court. This undertaking causes many people anxiety and discomfort. Even if they do not receive a request to testify, knowing sensitive information about your case may impact others’ trust in you and hurt your reputation. Choosing to share may strain the relationships that matter in your life.

Your attorney will provide careful instructions about how to conduct yourself as you wait your turn in court. Meticulously following these suggestions and behaving accordingly may prevent unwanted consequences from further complicating your situation.