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Tips to avoid aggressive driving behavior

When combined with construction, poor road conditions and bad weather, sharing New York roads with big trucks and hundreds of passenger vehicles at the same time becomes a challenge. According to the United States Vehicle Registration Service, LLC, more than one-third of driving fatalities result from aggressive driving.

Keeping your cool behind the wheel when handling stressors can help you avoid someone else’s bad driving and reach your destination safely. Here are some tips that can help you keep your driving less aggressive and avoid becoming a target for road rage.

Stay to the right

Stay to the right unless passing another vehicle or exiting on the left is your intention. This keeps the left lanes open for faster-moving traffic and may help you prevent traffic issues. When a car blocks a driver, who wants to travel faster, it can result in that person becoming frustrated and aggressive. Following the posted speed limit when it is safe to do so and staying in the right lanes can help keep you from becoming the target of a misbehaving driver.

Use your signal

When you have to change lanes or turn, follow the ten-second rule. Turn on your blinker for at least seven seconds before you merge and leave it on until you complete the move. This gives drivers around you time to notice your intent and avoid feeling that you cut them off if you merge in front of them.

Remain calm

Do not honk, gesture or take any action even when another driver’s reckless behavior frustrates you. It might result in retaliation. If your behavior may have resulted in a car accident and traffic citation, understanding your options is critical for minimizing the consequences.