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What to know about dashboard cameras and traffic tickets

If you have ever been pulled over for a traffic violation, you know the feeling of dread when you see those flashing lights in your rearview mirror. What happens, however, when the officer writes you a ticket for something you know you did not do?

Dashboard cameras, or dashcams, can be useful in several ways if you plan on disputing the officer’s claims.

How dashcam footage helps

Depending on the citation you received, you may be able to prove the ticket was not justified. Many people choose to equip their cars with dashcams in the case of an accident, but these devices can also be useful in traffic court. The recording can prove you did use your blinker or that you did not run a red light.

If the officer that cited you was driving a vehicle with a mounted camera, it may contain footage of the sequence of events that led to your ticket. If so, this video evidence could also be helpful in proving your innocence.

Installing a dashcam in your vehicle

The laws regulating mounted cameras in vehicles vary, but the general ruling in New York is that dashcams are legal. Installation and visibility are the main concerns. For safety reasons, there are statutes surrounding a driver’s field of vision. If you choose to install a camera in your vehicle, do not affix the device to your windshield itself or in any way obstruct your view.

Many people find value in dashboard cameras, and for law-abiding motorists, filming their commutes can give them peace of mind.