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How should you carry your medication outside your home?

A recent interaction with New York police almost resulted in a drug possession charge. You have a prescription for a controlled substance, but the way you carried it on you made police think you possessed the substance illegally. How do you keep this from happening again?

CHADD explains the right way to transport prescription medication outside your home. Take steps to ensure police never get the wrong idea about your prescription.

The legality of carrying medication

Anyone can transport prescription medication outside her or his home as long as the person in possession of the substance acts as the caretaker, patient or guardian for whom a doctor prescribed the medication. Depending on recent state law, you may need to transport the prescription in its original bottle or have proof of prescription. The patient’s name on the bottle’s original label should match the patient’s name on the original prescription.

Additional tips for carrying medication

Other than brushing up on the latest laws, you may take other steps to protect yourself when carrying your medication outside your house. For instance, only take your medication outside your home when you have no choice but to. If you need to carry a prescription on you, ask your pharmacist for an extra labeled container specifically for traveling. When you travel with your prescription, bring your most recent prescription from your doctor with you, and have it on you at all times.

You must take care of your health, but you must do so while following the latest laws and regulations. Learning your responsibilities regarding carrying medication helps keep you out of legal trouble.