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What are some tips to avoiding traffic tickets?

If you do not speed, you will not get a speeding ticket. However, going over the posted speed limit is a common occurrence. Most people feel comfortable driving 5 mph over the limit, and law enforcement will usually not stop you at that speed. However, the law does say even going 1 mph over the posted limit is speeding and breaking the law.

The reality, though, is officers cannot stop every single car that is speeding. According to Reader’s Digest, you can often avoid a traffic ticket by doing some specific things that help you blend into traffic and not stand out.

Choose your ride carefully

Your car alone could be the reason an officer pulls you over. If you are in a fancy car, you may catch their attention more easily. The same is true if you are in a beater car. A loud exhaust, for example, will draw attention.

Avoid giving them other reasons to stop you

You should make sure you always wear your seatbelt and that you are not breaking any other laws. Officers are more likely to stop you for speeding if they know they can get you on another infraction as well. For example, many people end up stopped due to a burnt-out brake light.

Two other important things that fall into this category are driving too fast in a school zone and driving while using your cell phone. Both of these things will catch the attention of officers and likely lead to you getting a ticket for speeding and probably additional infractions.

Finally, excessive speeding, anything over 5 mph over the limit, is never a good idea. It is not safe and will always put you at risk for a ticket.

Drawing more attention to yourself when you are speeding is a good recipe for getting a ticket. So, while you should not speed, if you do, these tips can help you avoid attracting an officer’s attention.