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What should you know about driver’s license points?

When you get a traffic ticket, you may not always consider the wider ramifications. A conviction for a traffic violation may cause you to earn points on your driver’s license.

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, the point system allows the state to identify which drivers might pose a risk on the road. You do not earn points after law enforcement officials charge you with a traffic violation. Instead, you have to receive a conviction. Points usually stay on your license for 18 months. If you receive several traffic tickets during this time period, the points from the convictions accumulate to form your total number of points.

Which violations result in points?

Several kinds of traffic violations may cause you to receive points on your license. You may receive anywhere from 2 to 11 points, depending on the violation. Failing to use your turn signals, for example, can result in two license points. You may receive three points if you drive in the wrong direction or if you ignore traffic signs.

More serious violations usually result in higher numbers of points. A reckless driving conviction may result in 5 points, while you may receive 6 points for driving 21 miles over the speed limit.

What are the consequences of points?

Accumulating points on your driver’s license can have far-reaching ramifications. You may have to pay a responsibility assessment fee if you accrue at least 6 points within 18 months. Additionally, you may have to pay a higher insurance premium. One of the more serious consequences is license suspension. The New York State DMV may suspend your license if you receive 11 points within 18 months.

Sometimes, it may be possible for you to remove points from your license or take steps to prevent a license suspension.