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Examining the true cost of a New York DWI

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | DUI/DWI

A New York conviction for drinking and driving may have personal, professional and financial repercussions. In addition to potentially making it harder for you to hold down a job or find a place to live, among other possible limitations, a New York DWI conviction is also going to cost you a considerable sum.

Per BACtrack, a first-time DWI is likely going to cost thousands of dollars. If the offense that led to your DWI charge also involved property damage or bodily injury, associated expenses may prove even higher.

DWI-related expenses

What are some of the expenses you should expect to pay in the wake of a New York drunk driving conviction? For starters, you should plan on having to pay fines and court fees relating to your arrest. You may also have to finance an attorney and pay bail, impound or towing fees from the night authorities placed you behind bars. Automotive insurance rates almost always rise quite a bit after a DWI, too, and you may have to pay these higher rates for years.

DWI-related totals

So, how much might you have to pay following a New York DWI after factoring in all related expenses? In New York, the estimated minimum amount you should expect to pay after a conviction for drunk driving is $9,500. If you are a teenager when you receive your conviction, these costs may prove even higher.

A conviction for drunk driving is never cheap. However, depending on circumstances, you may be able to have your charges reduced or even dropped after a DWI arrest.