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How do you navigate job searches with a DWI?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | DUI/DWI

While working with a legal professional and waiting to see how your recent DWI charge affects your future, you want to continue the job search you started before your encounter with New York law enforcement. How should you present yourself as a job candidate with a drunk driving charge?

Chron offers tips for landing job offers with a drunk driving charge on your record. Making a mistake does not have to disqualify you from job openings.

Do not skip the circumstances

When discussing your DWI with hiring managers, do not let shame or guilt to prevent you from breaking down the circumstances that led to your arrest or how you navigate life as someone with a DWI. What did your charge teach you? What steps do you take to ensure you never receive another drunk driving charge? The aim is to assure potential employers that they do not have to worry about you having another encounter with the police.

Time your reveal

Timing becomes crucial during a job search, in more ways than one. Do not think you must mention your charge as soon as possible. Instead, wait until you finish a second interview or receive a job offer. Waiting to share the news of your arrest gives the recruiter time to learn more about your professional skills, accomplishments and potential contributions to the company. Show that having a DWI or DWAI does not take away from your professional abilities.

Run a background check on yourself

Today’s employers may easily run background checks on job candidates, and you should do the same. By running a background check on yourself, you see what employers see. Specifically, look to see whether you have a double-charge or someone else’s criminal charge on your record.

A drunk driving arrest does not have to derail your career. Learn your rights to protect your opportunities.