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Are you eligible for drug court in Albany County?

Many people engage in criminal behavior in New York not because they are bad people, but because they have substance dependencies that lead them to act in ways they otherwise would not. If you are facing a drug charge and you feel your charge was a result of your addiction to a particular substance, you may be able to find relief in Albany County’s drug court program.

While not every drug offender is eligible for participation in the program, if you are, you may find that it gives you the tools and community connections you need to overcome your dependency. The first step in enrolling in drug court involves figuring out whether you are eligible for it.

Eligibility requirements

To undergo consideration for drug court in Albany County, you must be at least 18 and a resident of the Capital Region for at least a year leading up to your arrest. Also, you need to have a clear history of alcohol or drug addiction, or both, to potentially gain entry into the program.

While you must meet these criteria to gain entry into drug court, there are also exclusionary factors that could hinder your eligibility. If you have a major mental illness, a history of violent behavior or a conviction for a violent crime, such circumstances prevent you from enrolling in drug court.

Program completion

If you enter drug court, you may be able to graduate if you remain clean from substances for at least 120 days and either stay in school or maintain a job during that time. You also must pay restitution and other associated court costs and maintain a place to live throughout the program’s duration.

If you gain entry into drug court and complete it, it may mean the difference between continuing on with life as you know it or overcoming your dependency and becoming a productive member of society.