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How do you fight against a drunk driving charge?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | DUI/DWI

You received a DUI recently from a New York police officer. With the evidence mounted against you, maybe you think you cannot fight against your charge. Is there hope?

American Addiction Centers explores the matter. Determine if you must mount a legal defense to at least decrease the severity of your charge.

Challenge evidence or officer credibility

If the arresting officer used dash camera footage as evidence for your arrest, you could review the feed and argue that you were not swerving while driving or did not appear intoxicated. Perhaps you have a medical condition or take a prescription that makes you drive erratically, which may serve as a viable defense.

Argue that the officer had no reason to pull you over

Perhaps the arresting officer did not stick to current legal procedures when pulling you over. Officers may only pull a person over when they have solid legal reasoning. You may have to work with a professional to explore and build such a defense.

Prove your sobriety at the time of your arrest

Depending on how long it took for the police to arrest you after pulling you over, you could show your sobriety at the time of your arrest. This is another defense option that often requires a professional’s insight. Specifically, you need a copy of any breath test results the officer used to prove your intoxication.

Show you were not driving

Sometimes, police arrest the wrong people for intoxicated driving. If you can work with a professional to show you were not driving, you could receive a dismissal.