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How can you prevent slip-and-fall accidents on your premises?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2020 | Accidents

If you want to avoid slip-and-fall accidents on your premises in New Jersey, you will need to put in some work to reduce hazards. Most slip-and-fall accidents are preventable, and showing you have taken every measure to prevent one from happening can help you to avoid liability in case something does happen.

Both when it comes to protecting yourself and protecting people who are coming onto your property, you can make some pretty simple adjustments to keep your premises slip-and-fall proof.

Lighting on your premises

When the way is not clearly lit, it is easier for someone to trip or bump into an obstacle. Grainger advises that you should always have light switches easily accessible, and make any repairs to cords, switches or fixtures that are not working.

In any area where there is poor lighting, take some extra time to remove obstructions and clutter. All dock areas, construction areas, basements, hallways, ramps, staircases and walkways should be lit as well as possible, even if it means installing a new light fixture.

Maintaining traction on walking surfaces

Wherever the floor is smooth and lacking in friction, it becomes much easier for people to slip-and-fall. Skid paint or adhesive tape can go a long way in preventing these accidents from happening, especially on ramps and stairways.

Snow and ice are common in New Jersey during the wintertime, and you should take some time to clear it out of any walkways right after it forms. Areas where people commonly slip on wet surfaces include shower stalls, food prep areas, sidewalks and parking lots. If a spill has recently occurred, make sure you mark it with a caution sign.