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Should I just pay a parking ticket?

Getting a parking ticket may seem like just another small issue in your life, so you pay it and forget about it. However, if you get parking tickets often, just paying them could add to some problems. 

According to the City of Albany, NY, website, if you get six or more parking tickets in a 12-month time, you will have to go in front of the court. If you are not paying attention when you get your sixth ticket, you may miss this notice, and missing court could lead to further legal trouble. 

Paying or contesting 

You certainly can pay your parking ticket if you want, and the city makes it fairly easy to do so by mail, in person or online. However, you also have the right to contest the ticket. You must pay the amount in full as the department will not accept partial payments. 

If you wish to contest your ticket, you will need to contact the Parking Violations Bureau for a court date. You might wish to contest a ticket if you have had multiple ones and are nearing the six-ticket limit. You also might want to go in front of the court for any ticket you feel was not fair or where you were not illegally parked. 

Time limits 

Regardless of what you decide to do with your ticket, you have to do it within 20 days of receiving it. If you miss the deadline, the court may issue a warrant for your arrest. You will also have to pay additional fines and fees.