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How much does a single DUI cost?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | DUI/DWI

You got your first DUI recently and are understandably shaken. You feel that your most favorable option is to pay the ticket and get on with your life, and maybe you are unsure whether to involve a legal professional to help. Do you understand the full financial scope of a DUI? 

Esurance digs deep into the many costs associated with a DUI. Understand the financial stakes and how turning to a legal professional can help save you money and your future. 

Towing and impounding  

You likely already know the police do not let drunk motorists drive their cars, opting instead to tow and impound their vehicles. This costs roughly $200. 

Treatment program  

Expect to have to complete a treatment program as part of your DUI charge, specifically as a first-offender. Treatment programs last either 30 or 60 hours, depending on how much alcohol you had in your system when police arrested you. Programs usually cost an estimated $600. 

Court fees 

No matter if you pay for your DUI or have an attorney defend you, expect to pay court fees for all necessary appearances and filing paperwork. Costs start at approximately $800, but they can differ depending on your circumstances. 

License reissue fee 

You may already know to expect increased car insurance premiums, but before that, you must get your license back. The DMV reissue fee often runs roughly $125. Before that, you must wait out the four-month license suspension period. 

A single DUI can set you back a considerable amount of money, now and in the years ahead. Do what you can to prepare your finances accordingly.