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What are traffic violation points and how can you reduce them?

Traffic Violations

In New York, if you commit any traffic violations, you could receive more than a traffic citation. Once convicted of a traffic violation, the DMV adds points to your license. The Driver Violation Point System helps track high-risk drivers. For drivers who commit several traffic violations in a short period of time, they risk losing their license to a suspension. 

Different traffic violations have different points, according to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. For instance, reckless driving, improper cell phone use, moving violations and other traffic violations can result in additional points to your license. You may be wondering how does the DMV calculate points and can you reduce these points. 

How are your points calculated? 

To have points on your license, you have to have a traffic violation conviction. Once convicted, the DMV adds points to your license.  The sum of all your points depends on the date of your violations. The system does not consider the date of your conviction. Your points remain on your license for 18 months. 

How can you reduce your points? 

It is possible for you to reduce your points. Most drivers seek to reduce the points when their driver’s license is at risk. If you accrue 11 or more points on your license, then you could lose your license. Now, if you take a DMV-approved Point and Insurance Reduction Program, you may not lose your license. Instead, you will lose four points from your license. This subtraction does not affect your driving record! It only impacts the calculation for driver’s license suspension. This can also help you to save on your auto insurance.