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Have you considered these tips for controlling your anger?

Your uncontrollable anger may be the reason for your recent assault charge. Besides building a case to fight the legal ramifications of your actions, you may also want to look into ways to control your emotions so you do not put your hands on someone out of anger again. 

The Mayo Clinic offers several strategies to wrangle your anger under control. Try them to see how a change of perspective benefits multiple aspects of your life. 

Be assertive rather than confrontational 

Do not feel as though you cannot express your emotions. Instead, try a new way of expressing how you feel. Once you state why you feel upset, move on to discussing how you would like to meet your needs and how others can help you do that. 

Step away before speaking 

Before a spark of emotion explodes into full-blown anger, cut the fuse by stepping away and thinking before responding. By giving yourself a buffer of time and space to sort out your thoughts, you can express yourself in a way that others can better understand you, and do so in a way that they do not feel threatened by your anger. 

Engage in physical activity 

Besides being assertive and collecting your thoughts, consider going for a run, spending some time in the gym or hitting a punching bag to cool off. Physical exertion can cool down your temperature and flood your body with endorphins, which can improve your mood. 

Just as you cannot expect to resolve your criminal charge in just a day, the same applies to controlling your anger. Be patient with yourself and keep the above suggestions at the forefront of your mind.