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Staying calm when pulled over for a traffic violation

When people are driving in New York and suddenly flashing lights appear behind them, their first instinct may be panic and anxiety about why they are getting pulled over and what is going to happen. Most of the time, people are only pulled over for committing minor traffic violations and the experience does not have to be scary or negative. 

Drivers who are aware of what will happen if they are pulled over and are educated about how to confidently and respectfully respond to authorities may be much more comfortable if they find themselves pulled over. 

Behaving the right way 

While many people find it unnerving to be pulled over, hopes to ease those fears by suggesting some helpful tips. Perhaps the most important thing people can do is to remain calm. They should immediately pull over to a safe spot on the shoulder of the road and then promptly turn their engine off. If it is nighttime, people should turn on the interior lights of their vehicle so they are visible to the authorities. When communicating with the authorities, people should be respectful, polite and make direct eye contact. 

People should remember that they have rights also. If they are uncomfortable with the authorities who have pulled them over or cannot identify a badge or I.D., they have the right to ask to see proof. They can also respectfully inquire as to why they have been pulled over or received a violation to make sure they adequately understand the charges they are facing. 

Making things right 

If people receive a traffic ticket, they should pay it promptly to prevent getting into deeper trouble. According to, people can pay their traffic violations via mail, online or face-to-face at a Traffic Violations Plea Unit office.