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DUI charges while minors are present

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | DUI/DWI

For anyone facing drunk driving charges, serious consequences are a major concern, from stiff fines and the loss of driving privileges to time in prison. However, some people face a particularly difficult situation when they are pulled over for driving under the influence, such as those who have minors riding in the vehicle. For parents, this often creates many other serious concerns, such as adverse outcomes in terms of child custody and even child endangerment charges. It is especially important to handle DUI cases carefully if a child was riding in the vehicle when you were pulled over. 

As with all other DUI cases, there are various factors that affect how a case plays out in court. Some parents are wrongly accused of driving drunk and if a child was present, it is even more important for them to prove their innocence. Moreover, the ability to obtain a better outcome in one’s drunk driving case is especially important if a minor was present during the incident. Unfortunately, many parents experience major challenges in life as a result of DUI charges while a child riding is riding with them. 

Those who are charged with DUI should recognize all of the other factors that impact their case and the repercussions of these charges. Often, the consequences of a DUI case extend far beyond the courtroom and disrupt many other facets of one’s life. Many people give up and become hopeless during these crises, but that is not a productive response and it is imperative to explore all legal options. Our DUI page covers other topics related to these charges.