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Does New York offer a diversion program for DWI offenders?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | DUI/DWI

New York residents convicted of a driving while intoxicated offense may qualify for the Empire State’s Impaired Driver Program. Your voluntary participation in the program provides access to educational resources focused on the high-risks of using alcohol or other intoxicating substances. 

The program assists participants in avoiding repeat offenses and obtaining a reinstatement of a suspended driver’s license. While the program does not absolve you from any fines, fees or community service, it may serve as a productive alternative to the traditional jail sentence that typically follows a DWI conviction. 

Qualifying for the program  

To enter the program, you must not have had a DWI conviction within the previous five years of the date of your offense. You may also need to first undergo an eligibility assessment and screening if you receive regular treatment for alcohol or substance abuse. 

Requesting a conditional driver’s license  

As described on the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles’ website, your participation in the program entitles you to receive a conditional license. You may apply for driving privileges after completing the program’s course and treatment requirements successfully. An approval may require the court’s written permission to reinstate while on probation. 

With a conditional driver’s license, you may drive under limited circumstances such as to and from work, school and any court, treatment center or class related to the program. You may also drive to a doctor’s office for medical appointments. 

Individuals operating a motor vehicle while in possession of a conditional driver’s license must carry a written statement while driving on public roads. Suspension or revocation of a conditional driver’s license could occur if charged with a traffic offense.